3D Printing

I swore I would never get one of these things. I believe in CNC manufacturing with real materials like steel, stainless, using a welder. Who the hell uses a 3D printer anyhow.

Well, as it turns out, I do. Crap....

I bought an Ender 3 pro from Solarbotics.com, Dave a Cheryl (owners) were immensely helpful getting supplies figured out and my buddy Chris Gillroy (or just Gillroy) did some after market mods for me.

I needed this thing for some rapid prototyping and I will be damed, I actually use it day to day in IT and Access Control systems. Mostly to build replacements for broken parts or hard to find components. Lately I have taken to drawing things that I know are going to suck to replace one day and putting them online for safe keeping.

I have just started putting the designs up on thingiverse and will continue as I have time: https://www.thingiverse.com/vcj/designs