RedKey - Hard Drive Wipe

This one is going to be a work in progress. BUT first I must make it clear the reason I am exploring this project at all. The Author of this tool has violated the GPL of debian in the way this was implemented.

Because of that I feel completely justified taking a closer look.

first off, this project uses a number of open source tools to achieve the desired results. The Licenses validation that happens once its booted is a quick check that the Device hardware ID and description match what is approved by RedKey.

I will also say, I do not at this point think the license key does anything in the boot process. It is simply used to register the serial number of the drive with the RedKey update service for the windows based utility.

During boot, the application (presumably at this point) in systemd does a Device ID check only the once then continues the boot process.

Also I will say that at NO point will I be providing a copy of the data on the USB stick, requests for that data will be ignored. I am only after a greater understanding of how the stick does what it is designed to do. Do not ask for the image or copy of the data. I feel perfectly justified paying my $40 to get the first key, but the hardware used to make this key is shit and not reliable. As such I will not be replacing the USB stick when it dies with another $40 investment. Instead I will be able to create a new key when I want.

Question to the designer, WHY OH WHY would you have the packaging destroy a copy of the instructions when it is opened. You are left with a mess just opening the package and can not read anything that was written on it, this includes the instructions for use. Now thankfully it comes with a printed duplicate. but this seems very much like a marketing person (not a tech) made the decision to do this. Its a crappy way to achieve the results that a little scratch off could have done. (photos to come).