Qnap TS-451+ repair

I want to make it very clear, this is NOT my project. This information comes 100% from Powerevolutions post on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5k8FWe6u60

I have no idea who originally found the solution, but I got my information from that channel and later found additional information on the qnap forum but the point is, all I am doing is posting some images to help in the process. I would also have figured that this would no longer be useful in 2021, but I just ran in to one of these the other day that had been running since new in 2014. So apparently this is still useful info.

It is my intention to provide a little more detail to his you tube video that he did a great job of. Its just difficult to crack your qnap open again after the video is up and people start making requests once the machine is up and working again. After Qnap left all of us high and dry, its the least we can do to support each other. Right now I will post just the photos of the process and come back with a little more detail. But really the way you can get the detail you need is to watch Powerevolutions video.