The Box

[Completed Project]

My goal was to create several different designs so that I could learn my Sherline CNC Mill. This is "The Box" It is an Aluminum box that the bottom has been cut from a solid peace of aluminum, the lid has a peace of acrylic inset in to a cut out.

The lid, this shows the inside of the lid with the cutout and acrylic pressed in to it. Very tight fit, I will want this to be sealed so I am going to take it out and put in epoxy when I am feeling brave enough. Dont want any on the window.

The box closed up, The screw holes will have Alan socket cap screw inserted in to them, right now they are not tapped, Still need to tap the holes.

The finish on this box was fun, it was the first time I have polished out tooling marks. I used sand paper and went from 120g dry > 600g wet > 1200g wet > 2500g wet then used a pollishing compound.

Attached are the CamBam files, dxf and gcode I used to make this project.